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The last 20 years have seen the introduction of an enormous range of new security tools designed secure our I.T. resources and foil hackers. On the product landscape there are now some 70 separate categories of security solutions covering thousands of products. In the same time frame, we’ve also continually needed to add manpower to our security operations, with organizational costs mounting every year.

Ridgeback’s patented software dramatically improves the cyber-defense posture of any organization with several high-value capabilities. Ridgeback prevents attackers from discovering what is and isn’t on the network, while also actively disrupting hacking operations by directly engaging attackers during their reconnaissance and exploitation activities inside the network. Ridgeback delivers real-time system monitoring that exposes key factors in network hygiene that are both productivity concerns and security vulnerabilities. When any impermissible communications are observed, Ridgeback implements man-in-the-middle techniques automatically, at scale to disrupt the adversary without imposing any impact on authorized users and network activity. Ridgeback is the only product available that deters attackers by making their hacking operations painful.


Easy Deployment and Operation Across Global Network Segments or Portable on a Laptop Only one 1MB agent per network segment. Easy deployment; no network modifications. No systems overhead. Instant-on: delivers value immediately. Easy integration with security ecosystem. Real-time, automatic and autonomous.


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