More than a high priority, being proactive about network security is now mission critical. Although our expectations of high availability are now considered a given, no one can now afford to take “in the know” network security for granted. Bad actors are robotic and they do not discriminate. It’s not a question of “if” a vulnerability will be detected and exploited, it’s now a question of “when.”

Communications between office locations should be encrypted. External gateways should have firewalls and means to automatically detect and prevent attempted intrusions.

Authentication, Access Control and Accounting (AAA) servers now provide centralized user management, ensuring that information and application access is only available to those who are authorized as having the need. Web and Mail filtering solutions are now used to insure compliance with HR policy, remove viruses, and reduce the spam load on your mail servers.

Our Team is highly skilled and experienced. Each member has a minimum of ten years in networking and at least five years of specialization in network security. Building integrated, “defense in depth” security architectures for small, medium and large enterprises is what we do and we’re passionate about it.

We are continually evaluating new technologies to ensure that our customers have the best commercially available solutions. Although our expertise is focused on Firewalls, VPNs, Intrusion Detection/Prevention systems, Authentication systems, Anti Virus solutions, and Web and Mail filtering systems, our knowledge is equally deep in network protocols and operating systems. For obvious reasons, scalability is always a priority of our designs.

Our Security Mission

The are an estimated 30,000 disruptive “hacks” that happen every day —and the number continues to grow.

Are you adequately protected?

By means of deep product knowledge, smart-scalable integration designs and 7/24 support, our mission is to exceed the value expectations of our customers and become their long term partners. We are successful and dedicated to our continued growth. If you have questions or would like to add an expert perspective to your internal discussions, lets talk about it @910.528.6569.