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Everyone is using Next Gen Firewalls, Next Gen AntiVirus, Next Gen everything, but we are still seeing Ransomware crippling organizations and critical infrastructure. More often then not, we hear after the fact that someone, somewhere, opened an email attachment or clicked an email link which bypassed every Next Gen investment everyone’s made. We’re investing in all the latest Next Gen gear, but too often organizations are using an email filtering technology that hasn’t evolved since the last century. Almost every email filter on the market today still boils down at it’s heart to relying on keywords and patterns that attackers have long ago learned to avoid.

That’s why we have installed Area 1 Security for our customers. By using a combination of AI and pre-attack research, Area 1 is blocking Ransomware email campaigns before they are even launched. Area 1 can even detect and prevent payment scams by vendors compromised by attackers looking to divert legitimate payments to their own pockets.


Better still, Area 1 Security is one of the rare new technologies that is more effective, easier to use, and costs less than the legacy technology it replaces. If you would like more details, contact us today, and we’ll fill you in.


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